Buying a homemade kombucha starter kit is actually a great investment – not only for a lifetime supply of probiotics or being able to have tasty kombucha whenever you want, but it will literally save you money.

People who regularly drink commercial kombucha are missing out – once you’ve tasted homemade kombucha you don’t go back! The commercial products sacrifice flavour and quality of ingredients for stability on the store shelf and large profit margins.

You may have already read our article that looks at some of the major kombucha brands to figure out which is the best one in our opinion. We found a huge variety in the quality of the drink with some large brands only containing 10% real kombucha!

They are also expensive – if you are regularly buying big brand kombucha, it is hitting your wallet pretty hard. Most commercial brands cost about $10 per litre, whereas the cost of quality, organic raw ingredients to make your own kombucha are about $1 to $1.50 per litre.

If you are a heavy kombucha drinker, which we would define as drinking a bottle four times per week – then you would save about $650 per year by making it yourself.

We’ve prepared the table below to see how much money you would be saving if you bought a homemade kombucha starter kit and made your own brew.

How often you drink kombucha Kombucha consumed in L per year Cost of kombucha consumed Cost of homemade kombucha ingredients Total savings per year with homemade kombucha kit
Once every two weeks 10.4L $104 $13 $21
Once every week 20.8L $208 $26 $112
Twice per week 41.6L $416 $52 $294
Three times per week 62.4L $624 $78 $476
Four times per week 82.3L $823 $103 $650
Five times per week 104L $1040 $130 $840
Six times per week 124.8L $1248 $156 $1022
Every day of the week 146L $1460 $182.50 $1277.50
Twice every day 292L $2920 $365 $2485

These calculations are based on the following assumptions – the average bottle of commercial kombucha is 400mL at a cost of $10 per L, the cost of homemade kombucha ingredients average at $1.25 per L. Total investment cost for a homemade kombucha kit $50 for a 4L kit plus $20 shipping.

So how much would you be saving?

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