What is Kombucha?

A slightly sweet, slightly acidic fermented tea beverage. Described as tasting like something between a sparkling apple cider and champagne, it is fast becoming a popular drink amongst health conscious individuals.

Kombucha combines sweet tea mix with a SCOBY culture, to create a fermented beverage rich in organic acids, vitamin B, folate and a range of beneficial probiotics.

With experts now understanding the vital link between gut health and overall wellness, consuming fermented products like kombucha can play a key role in achieving good gut health.

Not only this, kombucha is a great tasting, refreshing beverage that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

the homemade kombucha co

The Homemade Kombucha Co.

Our passion for health and wellness lead us to be regularly consuming the fermented tea drink, however over time we found ourselves spending lots of money on store bought kombucha. After learning about some of the problems with large scale kombucha brewing – it was decided that homemade was the way to go!

Finding a SCOBY – or ‘mother’ culture was a challenge, most health food stores had never thought of stocking a SCOBY before! Buying a SCOBY online was also risky, we could only find inferior dehydrated or metal and plastic brewed SCOBYs. Eventually we tracked down an acquaintance who agreed to share their quality SCOBY with us – starting what is now the Homemade Kombucha Co.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our SCOBYs are made using certified organic products and a careful brewing procedure to ensure a healthy bacteria and yeast symbiosis, free of metal,  plastic and chemical contaminants.

With backgrounds in nutrition, food science and business we have made it our mission to make quality homemade kombucha accessible for all.

The Homemade Kombucha Co. is now Australia’s only one stop shop for the discerning, health conscious customer who wants to brew their own kombucha.

“Kombucha tastes that little bit sweeter, knowing you have brewed it yourself.”

Why brew homemade kombucha?

Brewing homemade kombucha is great fun for the whole family, and also saves you bucketloads of money. Making your own kombucha also means you are in complete control of the process – making sure that your chosen ingredients are the best quality. When you make your own kombucha you can be sure that there are no plastic chemical or metal contaminants. Your kombucha will not only be delicious – but also as healthy as possible.

Did you know:

Children love learning about kombucha – it is a great way to teach them about chemistry, biology and the importance of carefully preparing food.

If you regularly drink kombucha – you could save about $700 per year if you brewed it yourself!

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