Kombucha pH Strips


Use these pH strips to monitor your kombucha for safe acidity levels – helps you stop getting any mould or harmful bacteria contamination.

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Maintain the correct acidity levels for brewing kombucha

It is critically important for your kombucha and SCOBY to maintain the proper levels of acidity in a pH range between 2.5-4. If the kombucha is not acidic enough harmful bacteria and mould can contaminate your brew, becoming dangerous to drink and also potentially killing your SCOBY.

As your kombucha is brewing, use these pH strips to test you are maintaining the correct acidity levels with a few drops of liquid. If you need a more acidic brew – add more kombucha starter liquid or distilled white vinegar. Keep in mind vinegar will make the kombucha taste bad – so it should only be used for creating more starter liquid.

Don’t let this happen to you!

mould in kombucha
Mould growing in a kombucha tea batch that did not have enough starter liquid to maintain acidity levels.

1 pack of 80 pH strips.

kombucha ph strips

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