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Certified Organic Raw Cane Crystals

Certified Organic Raw Cane Crystals

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Transform your kombucha with Certified Organic Raw Cane Crystals! Enjoy the unique health benefits of kombucha while savouring its sweet, flavorful taste. Our sugar supplies are always 100% organic, ensuring the highest quality and best results for your kombucha. Try it today!

The quality of your SCOBY and your kombucha brew depends on the quality of the ingredients you feed the culture. The Homemade Kombucha Co. strongly recommends that you choose organic cane crystals as the ideal balance of organic ingredients and easy digestion for the SCOBY.

This is our preferred sugar to feed SCOBY's - so we recommend you stick to the quality stuff.

For more information on choosing the right sugar for your homemade kombucha - read this article.


100% Certified Organic Raw Sugar - 1kg

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Information for SCOBYs + Kits:

All kombucha kits come with shipping insurance included!

Please keep in mind your SCOBY is alive, as soon as you receive your order - remove the SCOBY from the pack to give it an oxygen supply.

Please note we have recently changed suppliers for our jars, they will look different to the jar shown in the photos.

Please note we cannot guarantee which coloured cotton muslin you will receive with your kit.