“Kombucha tastes that little bit sweeter, knowing you have brewed it yourself.”

The Homemade Kombucha Co. is now Australia's exclusive one-stop destination for health-conscious customers looking to brew their own homemade kombucha. Try our Kombucha Starter Kits now!

Our Homemade Kombucha Story

Motivated by our commitment to health and well-being, we are avid consumers of kombucha tea. Recognising the rising costs of store-bought kombucha and the limitations of commercial production, we embarked on crafting our own homemade kombucha alternatives!

Finding a kombucha SCOBY, also known as the SCOBY mother culture, presented a challenge. Most health food stores didn't stock kombucha SCOBY, and purchasing one online posed risks, with only dehydrated or metal and plastic-brewed options available. Eventually, we connected with an acquaintance who generously shared their high-quality organic kombucha SCOBY with us. This marked the beginning of what would become the Homemade Kombucha Co.

We are dedicated to the meticulous crafting of our kombucha SCOBY using certified organic ingredients and precise brewing techniques. Our process ensures a harmonious blend of bacteria and yeast, completely free from any metal, plastic, or chemical contaminants. We use seven stage reverse osmosis to ensure optimum kombucha SCOBY health.

Discover the pure joy of brewing your own organic kombucha with our kombucha starter kits and organic kombucha SCOBY!

Thank you for choosing to support our small Australian business committed to promoting health and sustainability. We truly value your support and are grateful for your decision to shop with us.

Happy Brewing! The Homemade Kombucha Co. Team