“Kombucha tastes that little bit sweeter, knowing you have brewed it yourself.”

The Homemade Kombucha Co. is now Australia's exclusive one-stop destination for health-conscious customers looking to brew their own homemade kombucha.

About us

Driven by our dedication to health and wellness, we frequently consume the fermented tea beverage. Nevertheless, we noticed that buying kombucha from stores was becoming costly. Upon discovering the drawbacks of commercial kombucha production, we opted for homemade alternatives!

Finding a SCOBY – or ‘mother’ culture was a challenge, most health food stores had never thought of stocking a SCOBY before! Buying a SCOBY online was also risky, we could only find inferior dehydrated or metal and plastic brewed SCOBYs. Eventually we tracked down an acquaintance who agreed to share their quality SCOBY with us – starting what is now the Homemade Kombucha Co.

We take pride in crafting our SCOBYs with certified organic components and a meticulous brewing technique, resulting in a harmonious blend of bacteria and yeast that is devoid of any metal, plastic, or chemical pollutants.

With backgrounds in nutrition, food science and business we have made it our mission to make quality homemade kombucha accessible for all.