Collection: Kombucha Supplies

At Homemade Kombucha Co. we offer a variety of kombucha supplies to suit your brewing needs. This of course also includes the organic kombucha SCOBY with two flavours on offer - organic certified black or green tea! 

All of our kombucha supplies and organic SCOBYs are shipped directly to you anywhere in Australia.

Organic Kombucha SCOBY is the number one culture you need to make kombucha. When you buy the kombucha SCOBY by itself, the first batch you make will be enough for a 2L jar brew

pH strips are extremely important for the health of your homemade kombucha and kombucha SCOBY. We cannot recommend enough the significance of ensuring your brew maintains the acidic levels of 2.5-4. Click the link to find out why. 

Certified organic tea for kombucha comes in two flavours! Black or green tea is best used to feed your kombucha SCOBY right!

A Kombucha thermometer is key for the health of your SCOBY and kombucha brew as it can be easily influenced by temperatures. Use this adhesive thermometer to check the temperature of your brew without disturbing the SCOBY!

Kombucha-safe funnel (silicone) helps to minimise any spillage of your precious kombucha brew and is also a handy time saver! Food-grade silicone that is free from BPA, phthalates and other potentially harmful chemicals. 

Certified organic raw cane crystals are the ideal balance of organic ingredients and easy digestion for the kombucha SCOBY to ferment. 

The kombucha-safe nylon strainer is metal-free and BPA-free. This is a perfect companion for any kombucha kit as it is important for the health of your culture. Click the link to find out why.

If you are still unsure about which kit to go ahead with please contact us or click here for more information. We are happy to help! 

Ever asked yourself how can I make kombucha or how do I make kombucha tea?

It's easy! We've made brewing homemade kombucha a breeze at Homemade Kombucha Co. Get everything you need to kick-start your homemade kombucha brew delivered straight to your doorstep.

Try making kombucha tea at home with our homemade kombucha kits & supplies.

Say goodbye to mass-produced sugary Kombucha and extend a warm welcome to a happy gut from the infusion of organic homemade kombucha probiotics!

Kombucha isn't just delicious and healthy; it's also incredibly fun to make with organic kombucha SCOBYs! Dive into the world of creativity by crafting your own kombucha tea and exploring exciting kombucha recipes right in the comfort of your home!

So, how do you make kombucha?