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Kombucha-Safe Strainer

Kombucha-Safe Strainer

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Brew delicious kombucha at home with the Kombucha-Safe Strainer. Our metal-free nylon strainer filters out particles while preserving the taste of your homemade kombucha. Experience the perfect kombucha with our easy-to-use starter kits. Make your homemade kombucha today!

Protect your Kombucha SCOBY!

It is very important for the health of your culture, to keep your kombucha SCOBY and kombucha brew away from contact with metals.

Most experienced brewers prefer to strain their finished kombucha before bottling to filter out any blobs, immature SCOBYs and large yeast strands. Without straining your kombucha might end up with a mini 'brain' forming in the bottle. This is a mini SCOBY - harmless, yet a bit gross looking, and not so pleasant to drink.

Look after your kombucha and kombucha SCOBY by filtering your brew with a metal free, BPA-free, kombucha-safe strainer.

An absolute must-have for the regular kombucha brewer.


1 Nylon Mesh Strainer (10cm)

Kombucha-safe, metal free, BPA Free

  • Please note that the strainer type may vary from the photo.
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Information for SCOBYs + Kits:

All kombucha kits come with shipping insurance included!

  • Please keep in mind your SCOBY is alive, as soon as you receive your order - remove the SCOBY from the pack to give it an oxygen supply.

  • Please note, we've recently switched suppliers for our products, so there may be variations in appearance compared to the photos.