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Kombucha Kit - 4L (No Jar)

Kombucha Kit - 4L (No Jar)

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How do you make Kombucha?

Brew your own delicious, probiotic-rich kombucha with this easy-to-use 4L Kombucha Kit. You'll get everything you need, minus the jar - perfect for experienced and inexperienced brewers. Now you can delight in the taste of a refreshingly healthy kombucha, made with love at home!

Delicious Organic Homemade Kombucha

By buying a homemade kombucha kit without the jar you will save a significant amount on shipping costs, and you will also receive your order faster! Our 4L kombucha kit is the best option for a regular kombucha drinker or for those who want to share kombucha with their family. Our kombucha SCOBY are always grown in high-quality glassware, so you can be sure they have not been contaminated with metal residue or plastic chemicals like some other products. We use a seven-stage reverse osmosis water for our kombucha sweet tea mix giving the kombucha SCOBY optimum health! 

What's In The Kombucha Kit:

Just Add:

  • A suitable kombucha brewing jar (approx 4L)
  • Filtered water
  • Your chosen sugar type (more information is located on our brewing instructions page.)


Visit our 'How to Make Kombucha' instructions for further information.


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Information for SCOBYs + Kits:

All kombucha kits come with shipping insurance included!

  • Please keep in mind your SCOBY is alive, as soon as you receive your order - remove the SCOBY from the pack to give it an oxygen supply.

  • Please note, we've recently switched suppliers for our products, so there may be variations in appearance compared to the photos.